Forecast speaking quý 3 2023

Forecast speaking quý 3 2023

Forecast speaking quý 3 2023-forecast part 1 speaking

1. Robots
1. Do you know something about robots?
2. Did you like any film has a robot in it when you were a child?
3. Do you use robot in your daily life?
4. Will you be comfortable if you are on a car driven by a robot?

2. Geography
1. How do you feel about geography?
2. Do you think learning geographic knowledge is useful for you?
3. Have you ever studied geography at school?
4. Are you good at reading a map?

3. Helping others
1. Do you usually help people around you?
2. How do you help people around you, such as neighbors, family, and friends?
3. Do your parents teach you how to help others?
4. Did your parents help you a lot when you were young?

4. ielts speaking gift
1. Have you ever sent handmade gifts to others?
2. What should you pay attention to when choosing a gift?
3. Can you share an experience of giving a special gift to someone?

5. Fish and Fishing
1. Is fishing popular in your country?
2. Do you like eating fish?
3. Have you ever been to a place where there are lots of fish around you?
4. Have you watched the TV program about fish?

6. Films
1. What films do you like?
2. Did you often watch films when you were a child?
3. Did you ever go to the cinema alone as a child?
4. Do you often go to the cinema with your friends?
5. Do you think going to the cinema is a good way to spend time with friends?

7. Tea or Coffee
1. What do you prefer, tea or coffee?
2. What do you usually prepare for your guests, tea or coffee?
3. When was the last time you drank coffee or tea?
4. Do you usually buy your coffee in a coffee shop?

8. Musical instruments
1. Which musical instrument do you like listening to most? Why?
2. Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument?
3. Do you think children should learn to play an instrument at school?
4. How easy would it be to learn to play an instrument without a teacher?

9. Quiet place
1. Are there many quite places in your city?

2. Why do people sometimes prefer to be alone?
3. Is there much noise around your home?
4. Does this noise affect you in any way?

10. Public transport
1. How do you go to work/school?
2. What means of transport do you use when going for a trip from your workplace/school?
3. Is driving to work popular in your country?
4. Do you think people will drive more in the future?

forecast speaking quý 3 2023
forecast speaking quý 3 2023

11. Noise
1. Do you like to stay in a place with a lot of noise?
2. Do you think there is too much noise in today’s world?
3. Is making noise one of people’s rights?
4. What kinds of noises are there in the area where you live?
5. Do you want to move to a quieter place?

12. Chatting
1. Do you like chatting with friends?
2. What do you usually chat about with friends?
3. Do you prefer to chat with a group of people or with only one friend?
4. Do you prefer to communicate face-to-face or via social media?
5. Do you argue with friends?

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13. Running
1. Do you go running a lot?

2. Where do you usually like to run?
3. What do you think of running?
4. What do you think of running as a form of exercise?

14. Map
1. Do you often use map?
2. What is the difference between mobile maps and paper maps?
3. Who taught you how to use maps?
4. How often do you use maps on you phone?

15. Volunteer (Charity)
1. Do you ever give money to charity?
2. Why do you think people volunteer?
3. Is volunteering worth the time it takes?
4. Would you volunteer to help people outside your community?

16. Clothing
1. Do you prefer to wear comfortable and casual clothes or smart clothes?
2. Do you spend a lot of time choosing clothes?
3. Do you like wearing T-shirts?
4. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

17. Health
1. How do you keep healthy?
2. What are your favorite sports?

3. Are there health classes in your school?
4. What sports help people stay healthy?
5. Is it easy for people to exercise in your country?

18. Language
1. What languages can you speak?
2. What languages would you like to learn in the future?
3. How do you learn a foreign language?
4. How are languages taught and learned in your school?

19. Dream and ambition
1. What did you want to do when you were a child?
2. What do you want to do in the future?
3. What are your career ambitions or goals?
4. What were your ambitions when you were a child?
5. Do you think you are an ambitious person?

forecast speaking quý 3 2023

20. Ice cream
1. Do you like ice cream?
2. Do you eat ice cream a lot?
3. Did you eat ice cream as a child?
4. Are there shops selling ice cream near where you live?
5. Would you like to make your own ice cream?

21. Concentration
1. Are you a focused person?

2. How do you stay focused?
3. Is it easy to stay focused in a noisy environment?
4. Did you stay focused in class when you were a child?

22. Fixing things
1. What things can you fix?
2. Did anybody teach you to fix things when you were a child?
3. Do you think it is necessary for people to learn to fix things?
4. What do you do when a thing is broken and cannot be fixed?

23. Friends
1. How important are friends to you?
2. Do you often go out with your friends?
3. Where do you often meet each other?
4. What do you usually do with your friends?
5. Do you have a friend you have known for a long time?

24. Teachers
1. Do you want to be a teacher in the future?
2. Do you remember one of your teachers?
3. What were your primary school teachers like?
4. Do you have a favorite teacher?

25. Rain
1. Do you like rainy days? Why?
2. Does it rain much in your city?

3. Would you like to live in a dry or wet place?
4. Do you like going out when it is raining?

26. Week
1. What is your favorite day of the week?
2. What is your least favorite day?
3. What is the busiest day of the week for you?
4. Is there anything that you do every day?
5. What do you usually do on weekends?
6. Are weekdays and weekends the same for you?

27. Day off
1. When was the last time you had a few days off?
2. What do you usually do when you have days off?
3. Do you usually spend your days off with your parents or with your friends?
4. What would you like to do if you had a day off tomorrow?

28. Bags
1. Do you usually carry a bag?
2. Do you change your bags often?
3. What kind of bags would you use when travelling?
4. Is a bag an ideal gift?
5. Did you use a backpack when you were a child?

29. Wild animals
1. Are there many wild animals in your country?
2. Do you often see animals in the zoo or in the wild? Which one do you prefer.Why?
3. Have you seen any program about wild animals recently?

30. Riding a bike

1. Did you have a bike when you were young?
2. Did you ride a bike when you were little?
3. Did you ride a bike to school?
4. Do you ride a bike when you go out now?

Forecast speaking quý 3 2023 : forecast speaking quý 3 2023

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