It is a waste of time for high school students to learn literature such as novels and poems. Do you agree or disagree? 

In our contemporary world, driven by modern technology, there is a debate about whether it is a waste of time for high school students to spend time learning literature. While some assert that this pursuit is unproductive, others argue that it offers significant educational benefits. I personally agree with the former perspective.

On the one hand, it is understandable why many people subscribe to the idea that high school students should spend time on literature studies. Proponents of this idea may argue that literature exposes students to a wide array of cultures, histories, and perspectives, fostering a sense of empathy and cultural awareness. By engaging in literary works, students can understand the background of a historical period, resulting in the development of critical thinking skills and broadening their horizons. However, the time commitment required for these studies can be substantial, potentially encroaching upon time needed for essential science subjects like mathematics and physics.

It is generally believed that by the time students reach high school, they have already developed a solid foundation in literary analysis, such as character evaluation and interpretation of texts, from their earlier education. Therefore, high school should be a period where students primarily concentrate on disciplines that have direct implications for their career prospects. In our modern world, the practical abilities and knowledge gained from STEM subjects are perceived as more relevant and beneficial for future employment opportunities. Reflecting this trend, educational frameworks in various countries, including Japan, the U.S., and Canada, offer pathways for students to engage in vocational education post-secondary school. A curriculum centered on these pragmatic subjects is likely to enhance their employability and practical skillset in a competitive job market.

In summary, although literature studies undoubtedly provide valuable cultural and historical insights, dedicating significant time to these areas in high school might not be as advantageous in our technology-oriented world.

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