The graph below gives information on the numbers of participants for different activities at one social centre in Melbourne, Australia for the period 2000 to 2020.

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Task 1

The bar chart illustrates how many students from different nations attended universities in a particular European country from 2004 to 2008.
Overall, the number of applications from China decreased while the figures for Japan, USA and Russia experienced upward trends, with Japan’s becoming highest by the end of the period. Notably, Russian applicant numbers remained relatively low throughout the period examined.
In 2004, there were about 27,000 Chinese university students pursuing education in Europe, a figure that far exceeded those from other countries. However, this number gradually dropped to roughly 18,000 in the two years 2006 and 2007 and then hit a low of 15,000 in 2008. By contrast, starting at 13,000 students, the number of those from Japan constantly rose, peaking at about 24,000 four years later.
A similar trend was observed for the USA and Russia students with the starting numbers being 6,000 and a mere 2,000 respectively. These figures went up slightly to 10,000 and 3,000 in 2008, despite a minor dip in 2005.

Task 2

It was predicted that with the development of technology, people would have more free time in 21st century. To what extent do you think the prediction has come true?

Past scientists predicted that advancements in technology would provide people in the 21st century with more leisure time. While this has come true for some, it is not the reality for everyone.

The introduction of automated systems and modern infrastructure has indeed liberated many from time-consuming menial tasks and transportation duties. Advanced machinery now handles specific functions, which has granted many people more time for relaxation. However, this advantage is not universal. In remote or impoverished areas, such technology remains a luxury, and the majority of people there still rely on manual labor for their daily tasks, which significantly limits their personal time.

In more developed regions, even with the availability of sophisticated technologies, most individuals end up dedicating any potential spare time back to work. This trend is partially driven by the advent of artificial intelligence, which has resulted in significant job cuts and a pervasive fear of redundancy among workers. It’s common for members of the working class to hold multiple jobs or endure long workdays just to make a living. Since automation has also driven down wages for low-skilled positions, those seeking better job opportunities are often compelled to invest time in acquiring further qualifications to compete effectively in the job market.

In summary, while modern technologies were initially designed to reduce the daily grind and create more free time, they have instead contributed to a busier lifestyle for many. The promised leisurely lifestyle has become exclusive to wealthier individuals who face fewer financial pressures, leaving the majority with increasingly demanding schedules.

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