Animal testing ielts writing task 2

Some people say that it is necessary to use animals for testing medicines intended for human use. Others, however, think it is cruel and unnecessary. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Animal testing is one of the most controversial issues in the world. Some people believe that it is necessary to carry out experiments on animals for scientific purposes, whereas an increasing number of people think that such acts are cruel and morally wrong. In this essay, these opposite views will be taken into consideration before reaching a definite opinion.

A majority of people believe that testing on animals for scientific purposes is important to the development of human beings. They argue that before launching any new products, scientists have to make sure that they are safe enough for people to use. For instance, before a new medicine is ready to be sold, it must be tested if there are any side effects that may harm people’s health. In addition, scientists cannot risk experimenting on humans; therefore, animals are one of the best options.

On the contrary, there is a growing number of people who go against animal testing. They believe that animals have emotions like us; thus, if we, as humans, suffer from the pains, so do animals. Moreover, thanks to the advancement of modern science, scientists have found other alternative methods to test new products, which supports the point of view that animal testing is not compulsory nowadays. Some countries, consequently, have started prohibiting testing animals for cosmetic products. Although they have just enacted laws for cosmetic fields, this is a good start since governments can consider banning using animals for experiments in other scientific fields in the future.

In conclusion, even though some people support the view that we should carry out experiments on animals, I think it is against human moral to perform such experiments on animals. Modern science has advanced and invented new substitutions to this kind of testing, so I believe that we should stop causing animals to suffer from the pains of unnecessary experiments.

animal testing ielts writing task 2

animal testing ielts writing task 2

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Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about animal protection and animal rights. However, whether we should utilize animals for the humar purposes has caused heated debate recently. In my view, it is acceptable to reasonably exploit animals for the benefit of mankind and impossible to completely cut down the humans’ dependence on animals.
First, it is clear that human beings are standing at the top of the food chain of this planet. As big fishes eat small ones, mankind uses animals for its own benefits, which is con- sistent with the natural law. So, it is hard to state that we are doing wrong by exploiting animals for our interests.
Moreover, it is unrealistic to ban using animals. Regardless of our awareness, animals have made great contributions to the history of human civilization. We raise cattle for food, the outcomes of animal experiments save many lives; people even keep pets to satisfy their psychological needs. If it is wrong to exploit animals for human interests, we should first close thousands of KFC’s and McDonald’s franchises around the world, because they are slaughtering lovely chicken to make money. And everyone in this world should become a vegetarian.
This is not to say that it is always right for people to use animals for whatever purpose. Some people hunt wild animals just for fun; others kill rare animals for their expensive furs Indeed, these behaviors are not only cruel and unnecessary, but actually against long-term interests of human race. Humans should shoulder their responsibilities of maintaining the diversity of wild animals and the balance of ecosystem.
In sum, using animals rationally for the benefit of humans is justified; meanwhile, some behaviors that are harmful to both animals and humans have to be prohibited. By doing so, we can ensure that our next generation could also exploit the animal resource.
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