Task 1 writing 2023

Mã đề 50001 – Task 1 (how ethanol fuel is produced from corn)

The diagram below shows how ethanol fuel is produced from corn.

task 1 writing 2023

task 1 writing 2023









Sample answer

The given chart illustrates the process of producing ethanol from corn. Overall, it can be seen that there are approximately 9 steps in the process, starting from the
collection of corn from the field, and culminating with pure ethanol, ready to be transported and sold.
The process of producing ethanol from corn starts with the collection and storage of corn. The corn is then milled and cooked with water for around 4 hours. Once it has been cooked, it then undergoes a process of fermentation which takes around 48 hours to complete.

Afterwards, the fermented product is then put through a process which separates the liquid from the solids. The liquid then needs to be purified, which takes around 5 hours, while the solid material ends up being a useful by-product of the process. After the liquid has been purified, it can then be stored before it is shipped to the consumers.

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Mã đề 50003 – Task 1 (number of girls per 100 boys enrolled)

The chart below shows the number of girls per 100 boys enrolled in different levels of school education.

task 1 writing 2023

task 1 writing 2023

The given three bar graphs illustrate the number of girls per hundred boys studying in three main levels of school education. The graph compares the change in enrollment pattern in developed and developing countries in years 1990 and 1998.
Overall, developed countries focus more on girl education than developing countries, at all levels .Nevertheless, both developed and developing countries showed increase in regards, over the period of time. The number of girls per hundred boys enrolled in primary education was 83 in 1990 for developing countries and in 1998, it increased only by 4. In comparison developed countries had 95 girls per hundred boys in 1990, and showed negligible change over 8 years. For secondary level, girls ratio declined for developing nations from 83 to 72 and 87 to 82 in year 1990 and 1998 respectively. For developed countries, both figures rose by 3.
Surprisingly, in tertiary level, gap widens between developed and developing countries as in former, for 100 boys only 66 girls were registered in 1990 and 75 in 1998. In contrast, developed nations superseded the target of 100 at 105 and 112 in both years.


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