ielts writing paraphrasing examples

Một số cụm để paraphrase những từ phổ biến trong ielts writing task 2

  • people the public individuals citizens
  • the young juveniles youth
  • the old the elderly senior citizens the aged
  • workers employees staff clerks
  • rival competitor opponent adversary contender
  • trait feature attribute characteristic quality
  • outcome result consequence
  • lack shortage insufficiency
  • benchmark standard criterion
  • great enormous considerable
  • practical feasible workable usable
  • important essential crucial critical key pivotal
  • produce generate create triggers pose engender
  • solve resolve settle tackle handle deal with cope with
  • use utilise employ exploit support sponsor back up finance
  • hore improve promote enhance strengthen
  • facilitate boost
  • change shift alter form convert
  • highlight emphasise underline underscore pay/draw attention
ielts writing paraphrasing examples

ielts writing paraphrasing examples


improve people’s living standard : cải thiện mức sống  của người dân

The global trade has improved people’s living standard.

boost economic development: đẩy mạnh phát triển kinh tế

Modern science and technologies largely boost economic development worldwide.

keep pace with sth. : theo kịp điều gì

Higher education must keep pace with the fast-paced development of modern science.

.adapt to sth. thích nghi với điều gì

University graduates should learn to adjust and adapt to social environment.

enable sb. to do sth. khiến ai có thể làm việc gì

Listening to music will enable people to feel relaxed.

provide sth. for sb. cung cấp cái gì cho ai

Watching TV and playing video games provide entertainment and pleasure for kids.

invest in sth. đầu tư vào việc gì

The government should encourage companies to invest in exploiting renewable energy.

rely on sth. phụ thuộc vào điều gì

Many regions of the world rely overly on the tourist industry to develop local economy.

make the most of sth. tận dụng điều gì

We should make the most of new technology to improve productivity.

relieve stress/burden giảm căng thẳng/gánh nặng

Regular exercise can relieve stress and reduce fatigue.

reach the balance between A and B đạt được sự cân bằng giữa A và B

Nowadays, people must learn to reach a healthy balance between work and family time.

distinguish between A and B phân biệt A và B

Many youngsters lack the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong.

be involved in sth. tham gia vào việc gì

Every citizen should be involved in environmental protection.

be filled with sth. chứa đầy điều gì

The newspapers and television are filled with the detailed description of crimes.

be addicted to sth. nghiện điều gì

Now many kids are addicted to playing online games.

suffer from sth. chịu đựng điều gì

Many employees suffer from mental illnesses due to keen competition in the modern

stem from sth. bắt nguồn từ điều gì

Generally, most crimes stem from poor education and poverty.

give priority to sth. ưu tiên việc gì

The government should give top priority to meeting people’s basic needs, such as housing and medical care.

raise the public’s awareness of sth. nâng cao nhận thức xã hội về điều gì

The government should raise the public’s awareness of conserving water.

enact laws ban hành luật

The government should enact laws to protect endangered wild animals.

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