Sunglasses ielts speaking part 1 – ielts speaking part 1 sunglasses

Do you often wear sunglasses?

  • Yes, I do. I think sunglasses are very stylish and they can protect my eyes from the sun. I also like to wear them when I travel to different places and take photos.
  • No, I don’t. I prefer to wear normal glasses or contact lenses. I find sunglasses too dark and uncomfortable. I also think they hide my facial expressions.

Some useful vocabulary

  • Stylish: Fashionable, having a distinctive and attractive appearance.
  • Protect:To keep safe from harm, damage, or danger.
  • Uncomfortable: Causing a feeling of discomfort; not providing physical ease or comfort.
  • Facial expressions: Movements or changes in the face that convey emotions, feelings, or reactions.

Do you spend a lot of money on sunglasses?

No, I don’t spend a lot of money on sunglasses. I tend to buy cheap ones from local markets or online shops. I don’t see the point of buying expensive sunglasses because they are easy to lose or break.

Some useful vocabulary

  • spend: to use money to buy or pay for something
  • cheap: costing little money or less than is usual or expected
  • local: relating to or existing in a particular area or place
  • online: using the internet
  • shop: a place where you can buy goods or services
  • expensive: costing a lot of money

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Sunglasses ielts speaking part 1

Sunglasses ielts speaking part 1

Do you give sunglasses as a gift?

No, I don’t give sunglasses as a gift. I think sunglasses are a very personal choice and depend on the shape of the face, the style of the clothes, and the preference of the person. I would rather give something more universal and useful, like a book or a gadget.

Some useful vocabulary

  • personal: relating to or belonging to a particular person
  • choice: the act of choosing or deciding between two or more possibilities
  • depend on: to be affected or decided by something
  • preference: the thing that you like or want more than other things
  • universal: suitable or acceptable for everyone or for all situations
  • useful: able to help you to do or achieve something

Why do you wear sunglasses?

I wear sunglasses because they make me feel more confident and cool. I also wear them to protect my eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. I have different pairs of sunglasses for different occasions and outfits.

Some useful vocabulary

  • confident: feeling sure about your own abilities or opinions
  • protect: to keep someone or something safe from harm or damage
  • harmful: causing or likely to cause damage or injury
  • UV rays: ultraviolet rays; a type of radiation that comes from the sun and can damage your skin and eyes
  • occasion: a particular time when something happens or is planned to happen
  • outfit: a set of clothes that you wear together

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