Shoes ielts speaking part 1

Would you pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable or stylish?

Well, you know, it’s quite a tricky choice. I reckon it’s a bit of a balancing act between comfort and style. But, if I had to pick one, I’d probably lean towards comfort. You see, I’m on my feet quite a bit during the day, and there’s nothing worse than a pair of stylish shoes that leave you with blisters. That said, I don’t think comfort means you have to sacrifice all style. Nowadays, there are loads of brands that offer a happy medium – shoes that look good and feel great. So, I’d say I’d go for a comfy pair, but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a bit of style either.”

Useful Vocabulary:

  1. Tricky Choice: A difficult decision.
  2. Balancing Act: The process of trying to find a balance between two competing things.
  3. Lean Towards: To show a preference for something.
  4. On my feet: Busy or active.
  5. Blisters: A small bubble on the skin filled with serum, caused by rubbing or burning.
  6. Sacrifice: To give up something valued for the sake of other considerations.
  7. Happy Medium: A satisfactory compromise.
  8. Turn my nose up at: To reject or disdain.
  9. Style: The design or look of something.
  10. Comfort: A state of physical ease and freedom from pain.

Do you consider shoes to be your priority while going shopping?

Shoes aren’t usually my main focus when I go shopping; I tend to gravitate more towards clothing or the occasional tech gadget. That said, if a particularly stylish or comfy pair of shoes catches my eye, I might be tempted. So, while they’re not my primary goal, they’re definitely on the radar. It’s all about stumbling upon that perfect pair, isn’t it
Useful vocabulary
  1. Main Focus: The primary thing one is concerned with or interested in.
  2. Gravitate Towards: To be attracted to or move toward something.
  3. Occasional: Happening from time to time; not regular.
  4. Tech Gadget: A small technological tool like a smartphone or tablet.
  5. Catches My Eye: Attracts my attention; noticeable.
  6. Tempted: Feeling a desire to do or have something.
  7. Primary Goal: The most important aim or objective.
  8. On the Radar: Being aware of something; within consideration.
  9. Stumbling Upon: Finding something by chance.
  10. Perfect Pair: The ideal combination or match, often used for items like shoes.

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shoes ielts speaking part 1

shoes ielts speaking part 1

Are shoes expensive in your country?

Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, really. You see, you’ve got a wide range of options. On one hand, there are local markets and shops where you can snag a pair for a real bargain – quite affordable, I must say. But then, if you’re looking at designer brands or imported shoes, the price can rocket up, becoming quite dear. So, in essence, it depends on what you’re after. If you’re not too fussed about brands, you’ll find plenty of budget-friendly choices. However, for those with a taste for luxury, it can get a bit pricey.
Useful Vocabulary:

  1. Mixed Bag: A variety of different things, not all of the same quality.
  2. Snag: To obtain or grab something quickly or opportunistically.
  3. Bargain: Something bought or offered for sale at a low price, a good deal.
  4. Affordable: Inexpensive; reasonably priced.
  5. Designer Brands: High-end, well-known brands, often in fashion.
  6. Rocket Up: Increase rapidly.
  7. Dear: British term for expensive.
  8. In Essence: Fundamentally; basically.
  9. Fussed: Worried or concerned about.
  10. Budget-friendly: Economical; not costly.
  11. Luxury: A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.
  12. Pricey: Expensive.

What kind of shoes would you wear on formal events?

For a formal do, I’d definitely go for something smart and polished.  They should be comfortable, mind you, because there’s nothing worse than hobbling around all night with sore feet. And, of course, they’ve got to match the outfit – a dapper look is all about coordination.

Useful Vocabulary:

  1. Formal do: Informal British term for a formal event or occasion.
  2. Smart: Stylish and elegant in appearance.
  3. Polished: Refined or sophisticated in appearance.
  4. Comfortable: Providing physical ease and relaxation.
  5. Hobbling around: Walking with difficulty, typically because of pain.
  6. Sore feet: Pain in the feet, often from uncomfortable footwear.
  7. Match the outfit: To coordinate shoes with the clothes worn.
  8. Dapper: Neat and well-dressed.
  9. Coordination: The process of organizing things so that they work together well.

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