IELTS speaking part 3 festivals

How do you celebrate festivals in your country?

Well, in VietNam, we have a variety of festivals, each with its own unique charm. For instance, during the Lunar New Year, families gather for a special meal and kids receive lucky money in red envelopes. It’s a time of joy and togetherness. Then we have the Mid-Autumn festival, where kids parade lanterns and everyone enjoys mooncakes. It’s really a vibrant and lively atmosphere. I personally love these traditions as they bring people together and strengthen our cultural identity

Useful vocab:

  1. Special meal – Bữa ăn đặc biệt
  2. Family gathering – Tụ tập gia đình
  3. Lucky money – Tiền lì xì
  4. Red envelopes – Lì xì
  5. Togetherness – Sự đoàn kết
  6. Mid-Autumn festival – Tết Trung Thu
  7. Lantern parade – Đi diễu hành đèn lồng
  8. Mooncakes – Bánh trung thu
  9. Vibrant – Sôi động
  10. Cultural identity – Bản sắc văn hóa
  11. Strengthen – Tăng cường

What special food and activities do you have for these festivals

For Tết, our New Year, we make this awesome sticky rice cake called Bánh Chưng, and pickled onions. It’s also a time when we clean up our homes and remember our ancestors. Then for the Mid-Autumn Festival, we have these tasty mooncakes. They come in all sorts of flavors and we share them with our buddies. The kids have a blast with lantern parades, and you can see lion dances in the streets. It’s all about having a good time and feeling that sense of community.

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Useful vocab

  1. Sticky rice cake – Bánh Chưng
  2. Pickled onions – Hành muối
  3. Cleaning up – Dọn dẹp
  4. Ancestors – Ông bà, tổ tiên
  5. Home – Nhà cửa
  6. New Year’s Eve – Đêm Giao thừa
  7. Celebrations – Lễ kỷ niệm
  8. Festive atmosphere – Bầu không khí lễ hội
  9. Buddies – Bạn bè
  10. Lantern parades – Diễu hành đèn lồng
  11. Lion dances – Múa lân
  12. Community – Cộng đồng
  13. Sense of community – Tinh thần cộng đồng
ielts speaking part 3 festivals

ielts speaking part 3 festivals

Why do you think festivals are important in society?

Festivals, I reckon, are super important in society. They’re like these big social glue that brings people together, you know? It’s a time when we can all chill, celebrate, and just enjoy the moment. Plus, they help us remember and appreciate our culture and traditions. Like, it’s a way of passing down our heritage to the younger generation. So yeah, festivals are not just about having fun, they’re about community, culture, and connection

  1. Super important – vô cùng quan trọng
  2. Social glue – Chất kết nối xã hội
  3. Bring people together – Kết nối mọi người
  4. Chill – Thư giãn
  5. Celebrate – Tổ chức lễ kỷ niệm
  6. Appreciate – Trân trọng
  7. Traditions – Truyền thống
  8. Passing down – Truyền lại
  9. Heritage – Di sản
  10. Younger generation – Thế hệ trẻ
  11. Community – Cộng đồng

How have festivals changed over time?

Festivals have definitely evolved over time. Back in the day, they were mostly about traditions and rituals, right? But now, they’ve become more inclusive and diverse. You see more fusion of cultures, more modern elements being added. But at the same time, the essence of the festival, the spirit of togetherness, that hasn’t changed. So yeah, festivals have changed, but they’re still about bringing people together and celebrating life.

  1. Back in the day – Ngày xưa
  2. Traditions and rituals – Truyền thống và nghi lễ
  3. Inclusive – Bao dung, có tính chất bao đồng
  4. Diverse – Đa dạng
  5. Fusion of cultures – Sự hòa trộn của các nền văn hóa
  6. Modern elements – Yếu tố hiện đại
  7. Essence – Bản chất
  8. Spirit of togetherness – Tinh thần đoàn kết
  9. Hasn’t changed – Không thay đổi
  10. Bringing people together – Kết nối mọi người
  11. Celebrating life – Tự do niềm vui của cuộc sống

What impact do festivals have on the local economy?

Festivals can really boost the local economy, you know? They attract a lot of tourists, which means more business for hotels, restaurants, and shops. Plus, there’s all the vendors selling food, crafts, and other stuff during the festival. It’s a great opportunity for local businesses to shine. But it’s not just about money, festivals also promote the local culture and traditions. So yeah, festivals can have a big positive impact on the local economy and community.

  1. Boost – Tăng cường
  2. Local economy – Nền kinh tế địa phương
  3. Vendors – Người bán hàng
  4. Crafts – Nghệ thuật thủ công
  5. Opportunity – Cơ hội
  6. Shine – Tỏa sáng
  7. Promote – Thúc đẩy, quảng bá
  8. Local culture – Văn hóa địa phương
  9. Traditions – Truyền thống
  10. Positive impact – Tác động tích cực
  11. Community – Cộng đồng

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