1000 từ vựng toeic – từ vựng toeic theo chủ đề

1000 từ vựng toeic – từ vựng toeic theo chủ đề


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Contract Noun Hợp đồng We signed a contract with the supplier.
2. Negotiate Verb Đàm phán They are negotiating a new deal.
3. Profit Noun Lợi nhuận The company made a large profit this year.
4. Budget Noun Ngân sách We need to stick to our budget.
5. Strategy Noun Chiến lược They are developing a new business strategy.
6. Market Noun Thị trường They are trying to enter a new market.
7. Invest Verb Đầu tư They decided to invest in real estate.
8. Revenue Noun Doanh thu The company’s revenue has increased.
9. Competitor Noun Đối thủ They are our main competitors.
10. Management Noun Quản lý She has a degree in business management.


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Destination Noun Điểm đến Paris is a popular tourist destination.
2. Itinerary Noun Lịch trình We have planned our travel itinerary.
3. Reservation Noun Đặt chỗ I made a reservation at the hotel.
4. Luggage Noun Hành lý Please collect your luggage from the carousel.
5. Visa Noun Visa You need a visa to enter the country.
6. Passport Noun Hộ chiếu Don’t forget your passport.
7. Tourist Noun Du khách The city attracts many tourists.
8. Accommodation Noun Chỗ ở We need to find accommodation for our trip.
9. Sightseeing Noun Tham quan We went sightseeing around the city.
10. Journey Noun Hành trình The journey took us three hours.


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Bargain Noun Món hời I found a real bargain in the sale.
2. Checkout Noun Quầy thanh toán Please proceed to the checkout to pay for your items.
3. Discount Noun Giảm giá They offer a 10% discount on all goods.
4. Receipt Noun Biên lai Keep your receipt as proof of purchase.
5. Refund Noun Hoàn tiền If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.
6. Sale Noun Giảm giá There’s a big sale on at the moment.
7. Shop Verb Mua sắm I love to shop on the weekends.
8. Shopping cart Noun Xe đẩy mua sắm Please return your shopping cart after use.
9. Store Noun Cửa hàng I bought it at the store across the street.
10. Warranty Noun Bảo hành The product comes with a two-year warranty.
11. Cash Noun Tiền mặt Do you accept cash or only cards?
12. Credit card Noun Thẻ tín dụng Can I pay with my credit card?
13. Price Noun Giá cả The price of the item is quite reasonable.
14. Purchase Verb Mua I decided to purchase the dress.
15. Retailer Noun Người bán lẻ The retailer offers a wide range of products.
16. Stock Noun Hàng tồn kho We have a large stock of these items.
17. Consumer Noun Người tiêu dùng Consumers have the right to know what they are buying.
18. Exchange Verb Đổi Can I exchange this shirt for a larger size?
19. Invoice Noun Hóa đơn Please send me the invoice for my purchase.
20. Merchandise Noun Hàng hóa The store sells a variety of merchandise.


600 từ vựng toeic

English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Brand Noun Thương hiệu Apple is a well-known brand.
2. Campaign Noun Chiến dịch They are launching a new advertising campaign.
3. Consumer Noun Người tiêu dùng It’s important to understand the needs of the consumer.
4. Demand Noun Nhu cầu There is a high demand for this product.
5. Market Noun Thị trường They are trying to enter a new market.
6. Product Noun Sản phẩm They are launching a new product.
7. Promotion Noun Khuyến mãi They are offering a special promotion this month.
8. Retail Noun Bán lẻ The product is available at retail stores.
9. Strategy Noun Chiến lược They are developing a new marketing strategy.
10. Target Verb Nhắm đến They are targeting young consumers.
11. Advertisement Noun Quảng cáo The advertisement was very effective.
12. Competitor Noun Đối thủ They are our main competitors in the market.
13. Distribution Noun Phân phối They have a wide distribution network.
14. Endorsement Noun Sự chứng thực The product received an endorsement from a celebrity.
15. Feedback Noun Phản hồi Customer feedback is very important.
16. Influence Verb Ảnh hưởng Social media can influence consumer behavior.
17. Launch Verb Ra mắt They are planning to launch the product next month.
18. Margin Noun Lợi nhuận They have a high profit margin.
19. Pricing Noun Định giá Pricing is a key factor in marketing.
20. Trend Noun Xu hướng Keeping up with market trends is important.


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Applicant Noun Ứng viên The applicant must have at least two years of experience.
2. Interview Noun Phỏng vấn The interview will be conducted next week.
3. Qualification Noun Bằng cấp The job requires certain qualifications.
4. Resume Noun Sơ yếu lý lịch Please submit your resume and cover letter.
5. Vacancy Noun Vị trí trống We have a vacancy in our marketing department.
6. Hire Verb Thuê We decided to hire the candidate because of his experience.
7. Position Noun Vị trí The position requires excellent communication skills.
8. Reference Noun Tham chiếu Please provide three professional references.
9. Shortlist Verb Lựa chọn sơ bộ We have shortlisted three candidates for the position.
10. Training Noun Đào tạo The new hire will undergo a week of training.
11. Candidate Noun Ứng cử viên The candidate has a strong background in sales.
12. Experience Noun Kinh nghiệm Experience in project management is a plus.
13. Job Noun Công việc The job offers a competitive salary and benefits.
14. Offer Noun Đề nghị We made an offer to the top candidate.
15. Salary Noun Lương The salary for the position is negotiable.
16. Skills Noun Kỹ năng The job requires excellent interpersonal skills.
17. Task Noun Nhiệm vụ The main task of the position is to manage the team.
18. Team Noun Đội nhóm The new hire will be part of the marketing team.
19. Work Verb Làm việc The candidate is expected to work full-time.
20. Role Noun Vai trò The role involves a lot of responsibility.
1000 từ vựng toeic
1000 từ vựng toeic


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Account Noun Tài khoản I have an account at the local bank.
2. Balance Noun Số dư The balance of the account is zero.
3. Credit Noun Tín dụng He has a good credit score.
4. Debit Noun Ghi nợ The debit amount was deducted from my account.
5. Expense Noun Chi phí The company needs to cut down on expenses.
6. Income Noun Thu nhập His income is enough to support his family.
7. Invoice Noun Hóa đơn Please send me the invoice for my purchase.
8. Ledger Noun Sổ cái All transactions are recorded in the ledger.
9. Profit Noun Lợi nhuận The company made a large profit this year.
10. Revenue Noun Doanh thu The company’s revenue has increased.
11. Assets Noun Tài sản The company’s assets are worth millions.
12. Liabilities Noun Nợ phải trả The company’s liabilities are increasing.
13. Equity Noun Vốn chủ sở hữu The equity of the company is shared among the shareholders.
14. Depreciation Noun Khấu hao The depreciation of the equipment is calculated annually.
15. Interest Noun Lãi suất The interest on the loan is 5%.
16. Tax Noun Thuế The company has to pay taxes annually.
17. Budget Noun Ngân sách The company has a tight budget this year.
18. Audit Noun Kiểm toán The audit will be conducted by an external agency.
19. Dividend Noun Cổ tức The company declared a dividend of 5% this year.
20. Payroll Noun Bảng lương The payroll is processed at the end of each month.


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Broadcast Verb Phát sóng The game will be broadcast live.
2. Channel Noun Kênh This is my favorite TV channel.
3. Documentary Noun Phim tài liệu The documentary provides insight into the issue.
4. Headline Noun Tiêu đề The headline caught my attention.
5. Internet Noun Internet The internet has changed the way we communicate.
6. Journalist Noun Nhà báo The journalist reported on the event.
7. Media Noun Truyền thông The media plays a crucial role in society.
8. News Noun Tin tức I read the news every morning.
9. Publish Verb Xuất bản The book was published last year.
10. Report Verb Báo cáo The journalist reported on the incident.
11. Social media Noun Mạng xã hội Social media has become a part of our daily lives.
12. Article Noun Bài viết The article was well-written and informative.
13. Blog Noun Blog She writes a blog about her travels.
14. Comment Verb Bình luận He commented on the post.
15. Editor Noun Biên tập viên The editor reviewed the article before publishing.
16. Film Noun Phim The film won several awards.
17. Interview Verb Phỏng vấn The journalist interviewed the celebrity.
18. Photographer Noun Nhiếp ảnh gia The photographer captured the moment perfectly.
19. Review Noun Đánh giá The review of the movie was positive.
20. Website Noun Trang web You can find more information on our website.


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Hospital Noun Bệnh viện He was taken to the hospital for treatment.
2. Patient Noun Bệnh nhân The patient is recovering from surgery.
3. Doctor Noun Bác sĩ The doctor prescribed some medication.
4. Nurse Noun Y tá The nurse checked the patient’s vitals.
5. Surgery Noun Phẫu thuật The surgery was successful.
6. Treatment Noun Điều trị The treatment will last for six months.
7. Medicine Noun Thuốc The medicine should be taken twice a day.
8. Prescription Noun Đơn thuốc The prescription can be filled at any pharmacy.
9. Emergency Noun Khẩn cấp He was rushed to the emergency room.
10. Diagnosis Noun Chẩn đoán The diagnosis was confirmed by several tests.
11. Symptom Noun Triệu chứng The symptom of the disease include fever and fatigue.
12. Recovery Noun Hồi phục His recovery was quicker than expected.
13. Ward Noun Khoa She was admitted to the maternity ward.
14. Clinic Noun Phòng khám He has an appointment at the clinic tomorrow.
15. Vaccine Noun Vaccine The vaccine has been proven to be effective.
16. Therapy Noun Liệu pháp The therapy helped her recover from her injury.
17. Examination Noun Khám The examination revealed no major issues.
18. Specialist Noun Chuyên gia She was referred to a specialist for further treatment.
19. Infection Noun Nhiễm trùng The infection was caused by bacteria.
20. Discharge Verb Xuất viện The patient was discharged after a week in the hospital.


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Hotel Noun Khách sạn The hotel is located in the city center.
2. Reservation Noun Đặt phòng I made a reservation for two nights.
3. Check-in Noun Nhận phòng Check-in is at 2 PM.
4. Check-out Noun Trả phòng Check-out is at 11 AM.
5. Suite Noun Phòng hạng sang We booked a suite for our honeymoon.
6. Lobby Noun Sảnh We waited in the lobby for our taxi.
7. Amenities Noun Tiện nghi The hotel offers many amenities such as a pool and gym.
8. Housekeeping Noun Dịch vụ dọn phòng Housekeeping cleaned our room every day.
9. Reception Noun Quầy tiếp tân You can ask for help at the reception.
10. Room service Noun Dịch vụ phòng We ordered breakfast from room service.
11. Double room Noun Phòng đôi We booked a double room with a sea view.
12. Single room Noun Phòng đơn He booked a single room for his business trip.
13. Occupancy Noun Tỷ lệ lấp đầy The hotel has a high occupancy rate during the summer.
14. Vacancy Noun Phòng trống Do you have any vacancies tonight?
15. Inn Noun Nhà nghỉ We stayed at a small inn in the countryside.
16. Hostel Noun Nhà nghỉ giá rẻ The hostel is popular among backpackers.
17. Concierge Noun Người hướng dẫn khách The concierge recommended a good restaurant.
18. Deposit Noun Tiền đặt cọc We had to pay a deposit when we booked the room.
19. Rate Noun Giá phòng The rate includes breakfast.
20. Booking Noun Đặt phòng I made a booking online.


English Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
1. Airline Noun Hãng hàng không The airline has many international flights.
2. Flight Noun Chuyến bay The flight was delayed due to bad weather.
3. Pilot Noun Phi công The pilot safely landed the plane.
4. Stewardess Noun Tiếp viên hàng không (nữ) The stewardess served drinks to the passengers.
5. Ticket Noun I bought a ticket for a direct flight to New York.
6. Boarding pass Noun Thẻ lên máy bay You need your boarding pass to get on the plane.
7. Departure Noun Khởi hành The departure time is 6 AM.
8. Arrival Noun Đến nơi The arrival time is 8 PM.
9. Luggage Noun Hành lý Please collect your luggage from the carousel.
10. Check-in Verb Làm thủ tục You need to check in two hours before the flight.
11. Gate Noun Cổng The gate for our flight is B7.
12. Delay Noun Trễ There is a delay due to technical issues.
13. Cancellation Noun Hủy bỏ The cancellation of the flight caused many problems.
14. Overbook Verb Đặt quá số lượng The flight was overbooked, so some passengers were offered compensation to take a later flight.
15. Jet lag Noun Giảm sức do chuyển múi giờ I always get jet lag when I travel to different time zones.
16. Turbulence Noun Gió lốc The pilot warned of turbulence during the flight.
17. Layover Noun Thời gian chờ chuyến bay tiếp theo We have a three-hour layover in Chicago.
18. Itinerary Noun Lịch trình The itinerary includes two flights and one layover.
19. Customs Noun Hải quan We had to go through customs at the airport.
20. Duty-free Adjective Miễn thuế I bought some perfume at the duty-free shop.

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