Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once

You should say:

  • what the place is
  • where it is located
  • what you can see or do there
  • and explain why you have taken photos there more than once.
Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once

Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once

Sample answer to describe a place where you have taken photos more than once

One place where I often take photos is the large park directly in front of my house, making it incredibly convenient for regular visits.

The park is a beautiful area with many large trees that offer shade for various activities like dancing or practicing martial arts. Additionally, it is adorned with a variety of flowers, meticulously maintained by workers every day, ensuring its beauty throughout the year. At the heart of the park, a big pond offers a stunning view and a calming atmosphere.

Visitors can engage in various activities at this park. For children, there are playgrounds where they can play freely and safely. Additionally, wide paths around the park attract many adults for walking and jogging. Moreover, this park is also a venue for trade fairs, as it is located at the heart of the city, able to attract many shoppers.

I take photos here primarily because of its proximity to my home, which allows me to easily take my children to the park, let them play, and capture these moments as memories. These photographs will serve as beautiful reminders of their childhood as they grow up. Another reason I frequently take photos in the park is its natural beauty. Sharing these pictures on Facebook gives me a sense of achievement, as receiving compliments or suggestions for improving my photography skills is rewarding.

In summary, the park is not just a place for recreation but a source of inspiration for my photography. It’s where I capture the growth of my children and the beauty of nature, making it a location I return to with my camera again and again

Useful vocab

Word Word Form Vietnamese Translation Example Sentence
Photograph Noun Bức ảnh I took a beautiful photograph of the sunset.
Convenient Adjective Tiện lợi The park is conveniently located near my house.
Meticulously Adverb Tỉ mỉ The flowers are meticulously maintained by the workers.
Recreation Noun Sự giải trí The park is a place for recreation and relaxation.
Inspiration Noun Nguyên liệu The park is a source of inspiration for my photography.
Proximity Noun Sự gần gũi The proximity of the park to my home makes it easy to visit.
Transform Verb Biến đổi With each season, the landscape transforms.
Capture Verb Chụp capture the growth of my children in photos.
Adorn Verb Trang trí The park is adorned with a variety of flowers.
Sweltering Adjective Nóng bức The trees offer relief on sweltering hot days.
Playground Noun Sân chơi There are several playgrounds in the park where my children can play.
Relaxation Noun Sự thư giãn The park is a perfect place for relaxation.
Pond Noun Ao There is a small pond teeming with fish in the park.
Enthusiast Noun Người hâm mộ The pond attracts many fishing enthusiasts.
Reminders Noun Lời nhắc nhở These photographs will serve as beautiful reminders of their childhood.
Backdrop Noun Phông nền The park’s natural beauty provides a constantly changing backdrop for my pictures.
Jogging Verb Chạy bộ Wide paths are available for walking and jogging.
Bench Noun Ghế dài Under the towering trees, several benches are perfectly placed for relaxation.
Sunset Noun Hoàng hôn The sunset at the park is beautiful.
Teeming Verb Đầy ắp The pond is teeming with fish.

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