Describe a person who has apologized to you.

You should say:

  • Who is this person?
  • When did this happen?
  • What did this person say to apologize?
  • and explain how you felt about the apology

Sample answer

I’d like to talk about a time when a person named Lee, who was from China, apologized to me. We were both living in Japan at the time; he had come there to learn Japanese, and by chance, we were assigned to share a room.

The incident occurred one night when a friend of Lee’s visited our room and they began talking loudly, well past midnight. Unable to sleep, I confronted them about the noise, but instead of understanding, I was met with disrespectful remarks, which led to an argument. They eventually left the room to continue their discussion elsewhere, and in the morning, Lee approached me to apologize.

He simply said “sorry” in Japanese and took the time to explain the situation from his perspective. Despite the unpleasant experience the night before, his sincere apology and willingness to communicate openly transformed the dynamic between us. We were able to move past the incident and, in fact, we became good friends after that.

Reflecting on the apology, I felt a mix of relief and appreciation. It’s not easy to admit one’s mistakes, especially in a cross-cultural setting where misunderstandings can easily arise. Lee’s apology showed his respect and consideration for me as his roommate, and it was a significant step towards building a harmonious living situation. It also taught me the value of forgiveness and the importance of clear communication.

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