Describe a movie you watched recently that you felt disappointed about

You should say:
● What it is
● What it is about
● Why you decided to watch it
● And explain why you felt disappointed about it

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Part 3-Describe a movie you watched recently that you felt disappointed about

Do you believe movie reviews?

I think movie reviews can be a useful guide, but I don’t rely on them completely. Everyone’s taste in movies is subjective, so a reviewer’s opinion might not match mine. I prefer to check out a few different reviews and then make up my own mind, combining expert insights with my personal preferences.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Subjective: Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.
  2. Expert insights: Deep understanding or knowledge in a specific field, especially by someone widely recognized in that area.

Phrase Verb:

  • Make up my own mind: To decide for oneself, forming an opinion based on one’s own judgment.

What are the different types of films in your country?

In Vietnam, the film industry is diverse, offering a variety of genres to cater to different tastes. You’ve got everything from historical dramas, which delve into the rich and complex past of the country, to contemporary romantic comedies that reflect modern Vietnamese society. There’s also a growing interest in action and adventure films, showcasing improved production quality and more ambitious storytelling.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Historical dramas: Films that depict historical events or periods.
  2. Ambitious storytelling: Creating narratives that are imaginative and aim to achieve something impressive or difficult.

Phrase Verb:

  • Delve into: To investigate deeply or thoroughly.

Are historical films popular in your country? Why?

Yes, historical films are quite popular in Vietnam. They often resonate with the audience because they delve into the country’s rich and eventful history, bringing to life stories from the past. These films not only entertain but also educate viewers about significant events and figures in Vietnamese history, making them both engaging and informative.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Resonate with: To evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.
  2. Eventful history: A past characterized by significant or noteworthy events.

Phrase Verb:

  • Bringing to life: To make something appear lively or realistic.

Do you think films with famous actors or actresses would be more popular?

Definitely, films featuring famous actors or actresses tend to draw more attention and are often more popular. These stars bring a certain allure and fan base, which can significantly boost a movie’s appeal and box office performance. However, it’s also about the quality of the film itself; even with big names, a strong storyline and good direction are key to captivating the audience.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Allure: The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.
  2. Box office performance: The commercial success of a film in terms of the revenue it generates from ticket sales.

Phrase Verb:

  • Draw more attention: To attract or gain interest or notice.

Why are Japanese animated films so popular?

Japanese animated films, or anime, have gained immense popularity globally due to their distinctive blend of intricate storytelling and visually stunning animation. These films often tackle a wide array of themes, ranging from whimsical fantasy to more serious, thought-provoking subjects, appealing to both younger and older audiences. Additionally, the cultural uniqueness and artistic creativity inherent in anime draw viewers in, offering a fresh perspective compared to traditional Western animation.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Thought-provoking subjects: Topics that stimulate careful consideration or deeper thinking.
  2. Cultural uniqueness: The distinct and special qualities inherent in a particular culture.

Phrase Verb:

  • Draw viewers in: To attract and hold the attention of an audience.

Should the director pay a lot of money to famous actors?

Hiring famous actors for high salaries is a strategic decision in filmmaking. These stars bring a certain allure and fan following, which can significantly drive up a film’s popularity and box office earnings. However, directors need to weigh this against the overall budget, as allocating too much to salaries can limit resources available for other critical aspects like production quality and marketing.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Allure: The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.
  2. Allocating: Distributing resources or duties for a specific purpose.

Phrase Verb:

  • Weigh this against: To consider one thing in comparison with another.

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