Describe a famous person you are interested in

Describe a famous person you are interested in

You should say:
● Who he/she is
● How you knew about him/her
● What he/she was like before he/she became famous
● And explain why you are interested in him/her

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Describe a famous person you are interested in
Describe a famous person you are interested in

Part 3-Describe a famous person you are interested in

Do you think the media is putting too much attention on famous people?

Yeah, it often feels like the media focuses too much on celebrities, sometimes overshadowing more important news stories. This excessive coverage can skew public attention, making people more aware of celebrity gossip than significant global issues. However, it’s also a reflection of public interest; the media tends to spotlight what draws in viewers, and fame and entertainment often fit that bill.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Overshadowing: Dominating or diminishing in importance by comparison.
  2. Skew public attention: To cause a distortion or bias in the direction of public interest.


  • Spotlight: To focus attention on a particular person, issue, or topic.

Do you think famous people are necessarily good in their fields?

Not necessarily. While fame often comes from being exceptionally talented or skilled in a particular field, it’s not always the case. Sometimes, people become famous more because of their personality or media presence than their actual expertise. It’s important to distinguish between popularity and proficiency – being well-known doesn’t always equate to being the best in your field.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Proficiency: High degree of competence or skill.
  2. Equates to: To be the same as or equivalent to something.

Phrase Verb:

  • Distinguish between: To recognize or treat as different.

What are the differences between famous people today and those in the past?

Today’s famous people are often in the spotlight due to their online presence, with platforms like YouTube and Instagram making it easier for individuals to gain fame. In the past, fame was typically achieved through traditional routes like film, music, or sports, and required the backing of major studios or organizations. Another key difference is the speed at which fame can be achieved now; social media can catapult someone to stardom almost overnight, unlike in the past where it usually took years of work and public exposure.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Online presence: The visibility or activity of someone on the internet, particularly on social media platforms.
  2. Catapult to stardom: Rapidly rise to a high level of fame or popularity.

Phrase Verb:

  • Achieved through: Attained or reached by means of a particular action or process.

What kinds of famous people are there in your country?

In Vietnam, you’ll find famous personalities spanning from traditional areas like politics and literature to more contemporary fields like entertainment and sports. There are popular Vietnamese pop stars and actors who are household names, known for their work in music and film. Additionally, there are influential social media influencers and YouTubers, who have gained fame through their online content, reflecting the modern digital era.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Household names: People who are very well known and widely recognized.
  2. Influential: Having great influence on someone or something.

Phrase Verb:

  • Gained fame: To become famous or well-known.

Why are some kids popular at school?

Some kids become popular at school for various reasons. Often, it’s because they have outgoing personalities and excel in areas like sports or academics, making them stand out. They might also be really good at socializing and making friends, or they simply have a charismatic charm that draws other students to them.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Outgoing personalities: Being open, friendly, and sociable.
  2. Charismatic charm: Having a natural ability to attract and charm other people.

Phrase Verb:

  • Making friends: The process of forming friendships or social relationships.

Why do some people become famous but not successful?

Some people become famous without being truly successful because fame and success are two different things. Fame can come quickly, sometimes for reasons not linked to talent or hard work, like going viral on social media. Success, however, is often the result of consistent effort and achieving set goals, which requires more than just being well-known.

Advanced Vocabulary:

  1. Going viral: Rapidly gaining popularity on the internet or social media.
  2. Consistent effort: Regular and continuous application of work or endeavor.

Phrase Verb:

  • Achieving set goals: Successfully reaching objectives or targets that one has established.

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