Social media ielts speaking part 1

Social media ielts speaking part 1

Do you or your friends like using social media?

Yeah, both my friends and I are pretty active on social media. We love staying connected and sharing bits of our lives, whether it’s through photos, stories, or just status updates. It’s also a great way to keep up with news and what’s happening around the world. But sometimes, we do try to take breaks from it to avoid getting too caught up.

Useful vocabulary:

  1. Active: Regularly participating or engaged in a particular activity.
  2. Connected: Having a relationship or link with others, especially through communication.
  3. Status updates: Posts or messages on a social media platform to inform others about one’s current situation or feelings.
  4. Caught up: To become overly involved or consumed by something.
  5. Breaks: Short periods of time when one stops doing an activity before starting again.

Do you think you or your friends use too much social media?

Honestly, sometimes I do think we use social media a bit too much. It’s easy to get lost scrolling through feeds and lose track of time. My friends and I often catch ourselves checking our phones constantly, even when we’re hanging out together. We’ve been trying to cut down on screen time, especially to focus more on real-life interactions.

Useful vocabulary:

  1. Scrolling: Moving text or other information on a digital screen up, down, or across to view different parts of it.
  2. Lose track of time: To become so engaged in an activity that you do not realize how much time has passed.
  3. Screen time: The amount of time spent using a device with a screen such as a smartphone, computer, or TV.
  4. Real-life interactions: Face-to-face communication or activities with others, as opposed to online or virtual.
  5. Cut down on: To reduce the amount or number of something.

Do you want to work in social media industry? Why?

Working in social media could be cool. It’s always changing and really shapes how we talk and share stuff. But it seems like a lot of work, always having to come up with new ideas and keep up with trends. I’m curious about it, but also a bit wary of how tough it could be.

Useful vocabulary:

  1. Trends: Popular styles or practices at a particular time, especially in cultural activities like fashion or technology.
  2. Curious: Eager to know or learn something.
  3. Wary: Being cautious or careful about potential problems or dangers.
  4. Tough: Difficult to do or deal with; challenging.
  5. Share: To have a portion of something with others; in the context of social media, it means to post or disseminate information or media.

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social media ielts speaking part 1
social media ielts speaking part 1

What’s the most popular social media in Vietnam? Why?

Facebook is so popular in Vietnam when it comes to social media. People love it because it’s easy to use for keeping up with friends, sharing stuff, and checking out the latest news, both local and global. Plus, it works great on phones, so it’s what everyone goes for. It’s just the way folks here stay connected and in the know.
Useful vocabulary:
  1. Folks: Informal term for people.
  2. Easy to use: Simple and user-friendly.
  3. Keeping up with: Staying informed or updated about something or someone.
  4. Local: Relating to a particular area, neighborhood, or region.
  5. In the know: Being well-informed or knowledgeable about something.

What social media apps do you use very often?

Facebook is indeed user-friendly and widely used, making it convenient for staying connected with friends and sharing updates so i often use it. Sometimes i turn into Zalo, especially for messaging and chatting with friends.

Useful vocabulary:

  1. User-friendly: Easy to use and navigate, especially in the context of technology or software.
  2. Widely used: Something that is utilized by a large number of people or has broad popularity.
  3. Convenient: Making tasks or activities easy and efficient to perform.
  4. Staying connected: Maintaining communication and relationships with others.
  5. Updates: New pieces of information or news.

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